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Laurence Boxley is a U.K. based Director, Cinematographer, Editor & Visual Effects Artist. 

Since Graduating from The University of West London in 2017, Laurence quickly got into the London film scene, the first film he worked on was a Documentary called 'Fusions' as it's Cinematographer, alongside Oscar winning Cinematographer Ali Farahazi. The documentary won a Hollywood International Independent Award. Laurence has since worked with big names such as Anne-Marie, MØ & Raye (to name a few); creating fashion, commercial and music videos. Laurence has worked closely with Notion, Wonderland, and Gaffer Magazines, creating fashion films and conducting interviews. In 2018, Laurence founded his own film & photography studio based in East London - Bloomfield Studios.


In 2021, Laurence announced he had been given permission by the author Stephen King to adapt one of his short stories into a music video, Laurence has not yet announced who the artist starring in the music video will be.


in 2022 Laurence directed his first documentarty 'The Fossil Hunter' which won a Deco Film Award for Best Documentary.

In 2023 Laurence made a speech at The House Of Lords about the importance of education and funding for the arts. He also attended many award cerermonies and won a UK Independant Music Video Award for his controversial Music Video 'We Fell For The Devil To Rise' by the New Zealand Artist Birds Of Passage. He has also been awarded a scholarship in academia from Bournemouth University.


As of 2023, Laurence currently resides in Bournemouth.

Laurence's full list of credentials & accolades can be found here. (Last Updated 2021)

Laurence Boxley



Editing & Post-Production

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