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Laurence Boxley

Laurence Boxley is a U.K. based Director, Cinematographer, Editor & Visual Effects Artist. 

Since Graduating from The University of West London in 2017, Laurence quickly got into the London film scene, the first film he worked on was a Documentary called 'Fusions' as it's Cinematographer, alongside Oscar winning Cinematographer Ali Farahazi. The documentary won a Hollywood International Independent Award. Laurence has since worked with big names such as Anne-Marie, MØ & Raye (to name a few); creating fashion, commercial and music videos. Laurence has worked closely with Notion, Wonderland, and Gaffer Magazines, creating fashion films and conducting interviews. In 2018, Laurence founded his own film & photography studio based in East London - Bloomfield Studios.


In 2021, Laurence announced he had been given permission by the author Stephen King to adapt one of his short stories into a music video, Laurence has not yet announced who the artist starring in the music video will be.


in 2023 Laurence directed his first documentarty 'The Fossil Hunter' which won a Deco Film Award for Best Documentary. Laurence also made a speech in The House Of Lords about the importance of education and funding for the arts. He also won a V Film Award in the 'Best New Director' category for his controversial Music Video 'We Fell For The Devil To Rise' by the New Zealand Artist Birds Of Passage. Laurence also recieved a scholarship in academia awarded from Bournemouth University, and Laurence is looking to open a mentoring/guest lectureship role at The University Of West London to help film students break into the film industry.


Laurence also holds a degree in Music Production, he is a grade 8 Musician and a fully qualified Music Teacher (Awarded through Thames Valley University), he can play Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano and is a Tenor with a vocal range of F2-F5. He has songs that he has written & produced on Spotify but goes under a pseudonym for his musical work. 

Laurence's full list of credentials & accolades can be found here. (Last updated 2021)

Laurence Boxley



Editing & Post-Production

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